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Games Machines
These attractive, innovative and engaging Video Games are sure to appeal everyone! They come with durable structure with arcade-accurate functionality to offer unforgettable gaming experience to the users.

Air Hockey
Air Hockey is designed with durable, smooth and sturdy table in varied colors and styles to attract everyone. This is provided in matte finishing, chrome effect corners and adjustable height options.
Basketball Arcade Games
Basketball Arcade Games are developed to let the ball bounce to win the score. They are ideal to have quality time with friends and family.
Skill Games
Skill Games appeal to every age-group owing to their high-technology features, sturdy designs and different levels of difficulty. They are easy to play with modern controls and buttons.
Hammer Arcade Game
Hammer Arcade Game with challenging design, upbeat music and sound effects is sure to provide visual appeal along with attention to the users.
Gift Games
Gift Games are the combination of fun and thrill designed to provide maximum entertainment to kids at parties, carnivals, amusement parts, supermarkets, shopping malls, fairs, etc.
Derby Horse Game
Derby Horse Game is designed for 4 or 6 players in robust structure and fine-finishing. This is one of the thrilling games that make the player fill with excitement.
Amusement Trains
Amusement Trains are sure to appeal to everyone with creative designs, colorful structure and safe ride. They are provided in different number of compartments with durable wheels as per the demands.
Walking Animal
Walking Animal Toys are available in different animal figures from dog, camel to giraffe to give a real animal riding experience to kids.
Battery Operated Rides
Battery Operated Rides are like real cars available in strong body, comfortable seating options and easy-to-use controls for providing complete riding comfort to the kids.
Kids Rides
Spin and fly with these thrilling Kids Rides! They are designed to provide unmatched riding experience to the kids of all age groups with complete safety and security. 
Family Rides
Family Rides are the perfect combination of style, comfort and entertainment! They are designed to let the families enjoy quality time with each other without compromising with the fun and safety.
Inflatable Moonwalker
Inflatable Moonwalk is sure to fill the kids with matchless thrill and fun as they have to walk on the structure. It makes kids spin, bounce and jump with assured safety.
Inflatable Games
Inflatable Games make the kids enjoy bouncing, jumping and spinning. These games are provided in different designs in strong, safe and non-toxic materials.

Dashing Car Platform
Dashing Car Platform is designed for the kids to play as well as learn the driving skills too. This platform is best known for its attractive and vibrant colours, rugged construction, seamless finish, battery start, cute designs, and highly durable. 
Bull Ride Game
Bull Ride Game offered by our company is basically a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a bucking bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal tries to buck off the ride. This game is played by every aged kids and children above 7 years.
Bungy Ride
Bungy Ride provided by our company is the game where the kids jump over the bungy seat and plays over there. This game keeps them fit and healthy and also helps them have a friendly relationship with their friends. This ride can be easily availed by our customers.

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