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Gift Games

Gift Games transfer the pleasure and delight of gift-giving to the virtual world. These games are made to make the process of giving virtual gifts a fun and engaging experience. Gift Games provide a distinctive way to mark important occasions, strengthen bonds, and share joy, whether they are played with close friends, relatives, or even total strangers. In these Games, participants take part in a range of interactive activities built around the idea of giving gifts. In order to surprise and amuse their fellow players, players are encouraged to use their imagination and intellect in these games.

Time Blast Game

This amazing game is perfect for spending some fun-filled amusing time. Coming from the house of Super Amusement Games the game machine is built with different levels of game play. The gift vending machines have many levels that increase in difficulty and give the players a whole time experience. Super Amusement Games is a long time dealer and manufacturer of time blast machines. Processed with in-built sound and easy to operate buttons the game machine has peppy stickers to cover its metal surface. The game can be systemized with gift pop out and cash in systems to add more practical value to it.

Bears Treasure 1 Player Machine

Bang on Blue Game

A simple yet addictive game for the kids the Bang on Blue is a uniquely modified game. With standard measurements of 30" x 27" x 80" H the game machine can fit in adequately even in small places. The makers of the game Super Amusement Games are a leading manufacturer and exporter of  Bang on Blue game machines. The body of the game is covered with funky stickers and paint that gives it an interesting look. The game is based on various levels that get more interesting after each passing level. The gift vending game can be functioned with coins and gifts that drop out of it as the player overcomes its various stages.


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